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Starting your own business can be daunting at times.
Sometimes you may feel completely on your own, with the people you trust most telling you that you should go with the safe route, being an employee.
We have been there before and we know what it feels like, but we also know that you can get as far as you wish with the right help.
Let us help you achieve your dreams, we will go together through your own path. We will not stop until your dreams come true.

Hombre de negocios


Our Entrepreneur plans are cutom made to match your needs, lifestyle and goals.
We have been on the same situation you are right now, let our experts help you face your challenges.


In GSCG we are always looking to innovate, to be updated with the latest trends and create solutions that will become trends in the future.
A key aspect to getting ahead of your competition is to always keep innovating the ways you face your and your clients needs.


Thanks to the advancements made by globalization, products from small and medium sized companies can reach markets that previously would be unavailable for them.
Our experts have a vast international network that will enable you to reach those markets and turn your company into a global corporation



of small businesses fail during their first year

Don't be a part of this fact and work with us to get right where your business should be


of Millionaires in the US are Self-Made Entrepreneurs

Hard work and a right business plan can make the dream work


of new businesses make it to 15 years or more

In GSCG we look forward to change this percentage by helping entrepreneurs get premium consulting services at attainable prices


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