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Grosvenor Square Consulting Group's consultants  look for innovative approaches to solve your problems.

We focus on achieving meaningful and lasting results that will help our clients needs.


Our success depends on the spirit of deep cooperation within the international community between different individuals dedicated to making the world and each other better every day.

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Being an Entrepreneur can be scary. Sometimes you may feel completely on your own. There may be times when you start doubting whether your project is going to work or not.


We have been there before and we know what that feels like.

That is why we decided to launch our Entrepreneur Chat Service. A live 24/7 chat where you can ask all of your doubts free of charge and seek advice whenever you are feeling down.

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Our deep and practical insight into global issues enables our clients to navigate complex markets where the links between politics and economics, business and society are key to success.

Our experience will be invaluable if you want to test the assumptions of your long-term global development strategy, identify new risks, or consider corporate risks or supply chains. This can be a counseling service or a consultation on the geopolitical topic of your interest.

Global Solutions


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